I choose to accept me

When someone start to accept us,
For who we are and appreciate it,
Than we start to forgive ourselves. And start to look at our postive side,
Side, which we were always well aware of,
But we choose to neglect it.

Now when I look at you in this spring,
You remind me beauty of Sakura.
You never approached me as friend or as girl friend,
You approached me as you.
So whenever you call my name,
I feel happiness inside which I never felt before.

All the gray days which I have spend,
Alone crying,
Finally start to meaning something,
Something worth to remember.
Now you have come to my world,
I like you to see bright side of me.
See the light which is in me, I choose to accept me.

Mr. Morning Star

Hey guys, I am writing a novel. I upload a chapter every Monday. I uploaded two chapters till now, please do check it out, and let me know what do you think.

You can find this story on Wattpad, my user name is #Melloman3 or my real name – #KarunPartapSinghJamwal. If you do not have this app, download it. This is the link ➡️ https://my.w.tt/Bb22bILah5


She is confuse,
Don’t know what to do,
She is trapped inside her head.
Letting her thoughts control her head,
Never learn, never left,
Answer are stuck inside her head.
Now she doesn’t go to club no more,
Because lights of club does not
Shine no more.

She wrote on her bathroom door,
With favorite shade of lipstick,
L I F E.

Only dreams, he is confuse,
Let his emotions flow through.
Never learn, never left, 
Answer are stuck behind the close door.
People call him during night,
But he stay home,
Because lights of club does not
Shine no more.

He worte on his bathroom door,
With favorite shade of pen,
L I F E.

We are just trying to figure out,
L I F E.

Inspire from LIFE by Jon Bellion

Make me new again

Even though it is a winter day,
Still I feel warm inside.
What is this magic I am feeling,
That is giving me peace inside?

It is your presence,
That is keeping my fire ignite.
In night, I feel like a star.
Smile is like a drug with you,
Which is not wearing off.
I want to stay like this,
Until my last day in this stage.
Cage is open now,
Keys are in my hand.
Take me from here,
Make me new again.

I will fly with you.
In this open sky, fly like hero,
Making everything okay.


I been running around,
Trying to find out where I belong.
Making many foolish mistakes,
And karma, playing his part.
Now I am closing my eyes,
So I can picture myself at home,
With people I love, people I admire.
It brings smile on my face,
I am not alone, their is a importance
In my name.

Sometimes i feel like a liar,
Hiding behind a mask.
I am also one of you,
I blame others and abuse.
But things which make me different from you.
I want to get out of this hell,
And help few of you.
So i admire,
Think about what i got, appreciate life.
Help me got over my depression,
Passion that I got for writing,
Help me to let it all out,
So I would not be left out,
In small things that happens.

Parallel universe

I am walking, I am jumping,
I am smiling, I am singing,
I am writing, I am reading.

I am smiling, I am flying, I am screaming,
I yelling my name.
I am talking to birds, I am talking to clouds,
Birds think I am loud,
Maybe it’s the wind.
Dark coulds are comming.
Than I fall down with drops.
Now I am in ocean,
I am talking to fish, I am talking to shark,
I am listing to all the adventures of pirates.

I am swimming, I am in strange island now,
I am looking at sun,
I am looking at moon,
In this beautiful noon.
I am living my life, because it’s never enough.
So much to live for, so much to look for.
Real does not exist here,
Real is everything I am looking for.
So I am going to parallel universe,
Where, there is no I but only us.


Them, they, who are they?
They are us, society we make.
We make it full of problems,
Problems that we all face.
Facing with our whole heart,
Heart is only thing left.
Left it where they can not reach,
Reach out to broken heart,
Make them feel, you are not the only one.

We all are struggling with problems.
Some are made by us,
Some are made by them.
But what if we start to share?
Will every pain will fade?
Away from that place we all want to be in,
But this is Cain, not everyone is same.
Different things need different approach.
We all are different, until they start to act like
They all become same,
Just to fit in,
I don’t need your sympathetic way,
I can stand up with my own hands.

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