Windows of my brain

I am peaking from the windows of my brain.
Looking at zombies around me,
Doing same thing over and over again.

No hope I see, they all are lost,
Lost in their own world.
World they want to be in?
In that world maybe they find something called happiness.
Happiness that we all are looking for,
For me, the world they live in, it’s a illusion; something which does not exist, it take you far away from your core, your heart, your real blood, bones and bonds.

Bond which is holding us all,
We cut it and hide it like our scars.
We don’t want to let other see, we are not here anymore.
To see how far we can go,
Many time we get lost inside some ramdom heart, not knowing what to do, do not where we are.
Where I am; crying with some random heart, because we both forgot where we are, and where we came from.

Jar of need

It took me a while, but I realise,
The jar of need was in disguised.
Greed, which i was feeding on,
Was the one, which was killing me,
Killing my mind.
Corrupting my heart,
Which is just their to pump my blood,
Help me carry on.
I blamed it for every other bad decision i made.
I wrote poems and songs,
Reason I am crying,
Reason I can not find my way.
“I have weak heart, it can not take it no more”
It is not made for to carry your problems,
That little guy is already doing it’s job.
It is already filling your body with blood,
When demon chase you, it helps you run.
But instead of blaming yourself,
For your own mistakes,
You are blaming it for every other hormonal change.

Water falls

Don’t trust the water falls,
As the chemicals and skeletons flow with ’em.
Don’t trust the foul words,
They can take away your best of friends.

We got different opinions,
That we do not want to change.
We take sides and let them define ourselves,
Who we are as a person?
who we are as a human?

Most of us will agree,
If I say, how bad we want to go back.
Back to when we were free,
When we saw each other as human being.

Now when we look at this world,
We see disappointment around us.
Not because something bad is happening,
Just because we can not do anything about it.

It’s frustrating I know,
When you want to change the world,
Change it into Utopia we all dream off,
But do not have power to change yourself.

Are you going to give up now?
Or make yourself stronger ?
Are you going to cry about it?
Or make yourself a worrior ?

Are you going to grab the opportunity to make something good and new?
Or will you let it go, by saying,
It is what it is and let it flow,
In this water falls.

Special, talented

You are so special, talented,You can write words and interconnect them.To be honest, I don’t feel special or talented,This all feels normal to me.Your future is so bright,Just play your cards correctly.How can you see it ?All I see is nothing. I try my best to come up with ideas,How to grow myself an artist.With […]

Special, talented

It was pity

Here you go again,
Taking my soul again.
Put it in hell and say this is your fault again,
Destroying my body and soul again, again,
Till I recreate myself into the man, I am today.

I was there for you,
You took my heart and crushed it whole,
I am just a poor soul.
You are you, you created the fouls victimhood,
Now you are here to collect some sympathies
Blaming me, telling stories which suits you.
I told you my problems not because I should but because I could.
Now I regret everything.
Just because I don’t agree with your way,
Doesn’t mean I don’t care.

Thing you know how to do the best,
Find the ways to get offend.
And say,
You don’t care, I was a fool for falling for you,
You are not the same.
Yes I am not the same,
I am not dead, I am not a run away.

If you want someone who agrees,
And fake ever feeling,
Don’t come to me.
The thing is, I knew it from the start,
The reason you came to me,
It was not the friendship,
It was the pity.

So what’s your favourite colour ? Mine is blue and pink.

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