This life is a ladder.
To become something,
You have to climb up in this ladder.
The ladder of mine is blurry,
I can not see anything.
But still i am climbing,
But end up getting Maddie.
Whenever I am slipping,
Someone comes and holds me.
But after I hold my grip tight, they leave me.
Doubts and anxiety hold me.
I don’t want to climb up or down,
I want to stay in this moment.
Everyone is climbing up,
Leaving me behind in that moment,
I see a hand coming towards me.
Why are you coming down for me?
I asked, she smiles,”I am your friend”.
She said,
But you will leave me ,
She smile, this is life,
And promise me,
You will keep my memories,
Keep moving forward, smile,
Let everyone in.

Published by Mellowlrd

I love writing poetry. Be real is my motto 💯

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