Different versions

Whenever I see her eyes,
Coldness I feel inside.
Always alone,
But enjoying company of her own mind.
What is she imagining,
Different world she is in.
World full of peace,
Different versions I imagine.

Mind is something that control us, 
we can control it, but we never allow it.
We just accept who we are,
Be a coward or work hard and harder.
Make real version.
Make yourself proud.

I am so cold, only thing I feel is how I breathe.
But looking at her I just feel,
This world is more than it seems.
I am not born with purpose I seek,
I have to find it and own it.

Maybe this is a dream,
Where we are living in.
Maybe we wake up someday,
Until than make everything Worth everything.

Published by Mellowlrd

I love writing poetry. Be real is my motto 💯

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