Parallel universe

I am walking, I am jumping,I am smiling, I am singing,I am writing, I am reading. I am smiling, I am flying, I am screaming,I yelling my name.I am talking to birds, I am talking to clouds,Birds think I am loud,Maybe it’s the wind.Dark coulds are comming.Than I fall down with drops.Now I am inContinue reading “Parallel universe”

The worst days

The worst days of my life.When I felt like,I am just better of dead.Everything which I was doing,Turning into a mess.I felt like no one really appreciate my existence.They say hardwork will pay off,No sign of hope I able to find,No matter how much I try,I always left behind.I did not able to sleep forContinue reading “The worst days”

Real place

It’s just a simple texts,It’s childish I guess,It can bring smile on my face.It can bring importance,In my name.Feel like someone care,And bring me back in real place.I appreciate, every message.I can relate, you helped me,All these messages help me.Tell me what I am doing,Is not going in vain,Bring tears in my eyes,Smile on myContinue reading “Real place”

What if

What if things I am looking for?Are always here.What if path I am cutting?Is always clear.What if who always wanted to change?Is always me.What if who I hope to be?Is always me.What if freedom I am looking for?Is always here.What if all the things I done to gain love?Are always here.What if hole inside myContinue reading “What if”


It’s so beautiful,Cold winds are blowing,In this season of spring.I am closing my eyes,I am closing my ears,so I can’t hear screams,All these noises inside my head.Now all I feel is beauty of our mother nature,Pattens in Lake, dancing leaves,With all greatness of nature. Soo many people are here,Some don’t care,Some are making this momentContinue reading “Spring”

Pictures of you

She said don’t you worry,I am always with you,Than we talked for hours.I don’t know what we got,But I thought we had it.Now I have to act like it doesn’t matter.Every night when I go to bed,I think about us.So I am writing it down,I am letting it out, out in the open.So you canContinue reading “Pictures of you”

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