Real place

It’s just a simple texts,It’s childish I guess,It can bring smile on my face.It can bring importance,In my name.Feel like someone care,And bring me back in real place.I appreciate, every message.I can relate, you helped me,All these messages help me.Tell me what I am doing,Is not going in vain,Bring tears in my eyes,Smile on myContinue reading “Real place”

Pictures of you

She said don’t you worry,I am always with you,Than we talked for hours.I don’t know what we got,But I thought we had it.Now I have to act like it doesn’t matter.Every night when I go to bed,I think about us.So I am writing it down,I am letting it out, out in the open.So you canContinue reading “Pictures of you”


Inner peace! peace! peace!I do anything to achieve.Inner lane! lane! lane!I am finding in my brain. We all feel the same,With different thoughts, different name.Maturity I gain,Rain! rain! rain!Falling from the heaven again.I looking for some clues,To gain.More strength, more lameExcuses, to escape from these motion. To make something new,That will pay my dues.All theseContinue reading “Peace”

Different versions

Whenever I see her eyes,Coldness I feel inside.Always alone,But enjoying company of her own mind.What is she imagining,Different world she is in.World full of peace,Different versions I imagine. Mind is something that control us,¬†we can control it, but we never allow it.We just accept who we are,Be a coward or work hard and harder.Make realContinue reading “Different versions”

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