I been running around,Trying to find out where I belong.Making many foolish mistakes,And karma, playing his part.Now I am closing my eyes,So I can picture myself at home,With people I love, people I admire.It brings smile on my face,I am not alone, their is a importanceIn my name. Sometimes i feel like a liar,Hiding behindContinue reading “Belong”


Them, they, who are they?They are us, society we make.We make it full of problems,Problems that we all face.Facing with our whole heart,Heart is only thing left.Left it where they can not reach,Reach out to broken heart,Make them feel, you are not the only one. We all are struggling with problems.Some are made by us,SomeContinue reading “Problems”

Windows of my brain

I am peaking,From the windows of my brain.Looking at zombies all around me,Doing same thing over and over again.No hope I see, we all are lost,Lost in our own world.World we want to be in,In that world, maybe we find something call happiness.Happiness that we all are looking for,For that we are becoming that weContinue reading “Windows of my brain”

The worst days

The worst days of my life.When I felt like,I am just better of dead.Everything which I was doing,Turning into a mess.I felt like no one really appreciate my existence.They say hardwork will pay off,No sign of hope I able to find,No matter how much I try,I always left behind.I did not able to sleep forContinue reading “The worst days”

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