Real place

It’s just a simple texts,
It’s childish I guess,
It can bring smile on my face.
It can bring importance,
In my name.
Feel like someone care,
And bring me back in real place.
I appreciate, every message.
I can relate, you helped me,
All these messages help me.
Tell me what I am doing,
Is not going in vain,
Bring tears in my eyes,
Smile on my face.
Appreciate life, every sacrifice,
Is life finally worth something.
Feel like I can create,
Mello world.

What if

What if things I am looking for?
Are always here.
What if path I am cutting?
Is always clear.
What if who always wanted to change?
Is always me.
What if who I hope to be?
Is always me.
What if freedom I am looking for?
Is always here.
What if all the things I done to gain love?
Are always here.
What if hole inside my heart?
Is still a big deal.
What if love I hope to feel?
Is always real.
What if where I try to go?
Is always here.


When I feel like I don’t belong,
I take all my thoughts to another zone.
I see a man with horns,
I see myself.
I am looking at the mirror.
Blood flowing through my head,
Pain! Pain! Pain!
Rhymes flowing through my vain,
I am the real proof,
That devil existence in this game.
They look at me,
I look through me.
I don’t want to be in same room with them.
My hands are shaking, real me is waiting,
To come out, depression that I contain,
Is opening, difficult to process.
I am about to unlock my doors now,
Don’t come in, pain is all I know now.
My walls are breaking down,
All the questions are breaking down,
I don’t care anymore.
Who I am, who I wanna be,
it’s going in past now,
Time passing by, all these lies,
My wounds are opening now.
All I can see dark now,
heaven is becoming to stars now,
Everything is going to lock down,
I am falling down, down beneath the surface,
I can see myself levitate, devil is now here.


Motions like this one,
That’s why I am looking for belongingness.
Even when it is night,
Even when it is day.
I want to hold on,
Motions like summer,
I want to be cloud in a summer day.
These motions are like sand,
Keep on slipping through my hand.
No matter how tight I hold it,
It’s a never ending sand.
I don’t want to get burry in it,
It’s hot, it’s suffocating.
I am trying my best to get out,
But my demons are laughing.
I am look at them, they are happy,
which I am looking for till now.
So I am letting sand swollo me whole,
Maybe some day it will end.
Maybe I become whole,
Fixed all my pieces of shame,
And able to forgive myself.

Hand of God

My mother says,
You are blessed by hand of God.
She believes in me,
She believes in lord.
She says he is making your way,
You will achieve great things,
You are born to do great things.

I doubt myself because I am just a man.
I loose myself because I am just a man.
Prevailing thought my problems,
Making myself better than I was yesterday.
Make my own way,
This is my lane to achieve big things

I am talking to my demons lately,
Asking for help, because they are part of me.
They are there for me,
When everyone is calling me crazy.

I am angry at thing I can not change,
Sometimes I loose my fath.
But my mother say,
You are blessed by hand of God.

We all are blessed by hand of God,
Because he made us all.
We all are perfect in different way,
Look at this blue sky, blue ocean,
Both are different but color is same.


It’s so beautiful,
Cold winds are blowing,
In this season of spring.
I am closing my eyes,
I am closing my ears,
so I can’t hear screams,
All these noises inside my head.
Now all I feel is beauty of our mother nature,
Pattens in Lake, dancing leaves,
With all greatness of nature.

Soo many people are here,
Some don’t care,
Some are making this moment rare,
Some are clicking pictures,
Some are here to admire.
My heart getting lighter and lighter,
This feeling is unknown to me which I am feeling inside,
Lying down on ground, watching clouds,
With drops of water coming down from heaven.

Different shapes of clouds,
Some of them are like clowns,
Some are like they are here to announce,
Peace that you have in your heart,
This is what life is all about

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